The Hall House

It's not often that we install window treatments to almost the whole of an entire house, but here you can see we did just that! These drapes were designed by Whitley and Co. Interior Design and hand-sewn by our wonderful seamstresses at Kings Interiors. 


Thankfully, we were able to put the finishing touches on this simple breakfast room! There's just something about a set of drapes that offers a room completion and comfort!


We were, and are still, in LOVE with these living room drapes! It's wonderful to see how much life they brought to this room! 


We're fairly convinced that chevron will NEVER go out of style. And Mrs. Hall, the happy homeowner, completely and boldly agrees! This chevron pattern adds a modern, playful vibe to this dining room, and we believe it was definitely the right choice!


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're thankful for clients like Whitley and Co! We're proud to partner with them in offering their wonderful residential clients top-notch, custom window treatments. We couldn't be more happy with how these particular window treatments turned out and thankfully, the homeowner agrees!

Residential Spotlight: Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell came to us at Kings armed with a couple questions, a few yards of fabric and 2 chairs. Her questions: Can you do this? Would this work?

Our answer? ABSOLUTELY!

Lindsay and her husband previously dwelled in a small condo and were unable to decorate as freely as they would have liked to. Now that they've upgraded to a house here in Nashville, they've seized the opportunity to decorate as boldly as they see fit! To compliment their newly decorated space, Lindsay decided that statement pieces were needed to see their living room come together as their minds had imagined. She chose 2 contrasting fabrics that create an edgy, eclectic feel and will no doubt make the statement she was searching for!

This is what we love about our residential clients. Every idea they bring to our door stems from a creative thought and we get the opportunity bring that idea to life! Our in-house fabric studio harbors the potential for thousands of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture or window treatments just waiting to spice up your home. We're so glad that Lindsay entrusted us with her fantastic creative idea! 


New Building, New Employees, New Business!

Well, BIG THINGS are happening at Kings Interiors this week! Over the weekend while most people were relaxing, watching football, and stuffing their faces with nachos, we were moving! We recently acquired a brand new building (well, brand new to us) directly behind our existing location. We couldn't be more excited about the idea of 3x the space! 3x the space means an incredible opportunity to grow and meet customer needs more efficiently and effectively. 

One of the benefits of gaining this exceptional amount of space is the ability to introduce the idea of a SHOW ROOM to Kings Interiors! The most frequently asked question regarding our business is "Do you guys have a show room?" We now have the option to respond with "We're working on it!" instead of a disappointed "Nope." We're excited about this new adventure, but the showroom is a long way away from being complete. It is currently housing rolls upon rolls of fabric, just longing to be made beautiful!  Thankfully, we've come armed with vision and design ideas to impress and thrill the masses! 

In other news, we're thrilled to introduce the newest additions to our team! Rachel came on board as our Operations Coordinator and has been revamping production here at Kings Interiors since day one! Sammy joined our team as the Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for all of those silly Facebook Posts you've been seeing recently, along with coordinating all marketing/advertising efforts! (Don't be surprised that she's shamelessly asking you to like our facebook page!)   

Stay tuned for upcoming happenings here at Kings Interiors!