It's not often that we receive pieces of furniture from time periods where furniture makers refused to skimp on the foundation of their products. In the 50's and 60's, furniture makers took their time investing in the proper, most effective techniques of furniture construction.  Since then, companies have found quicker, more efficient ways to construct pieces of furniture. Though it may initially reduce the cost of home decor on your bank statement, it in turn reduces the lifespan of each piece of furniture, inevitably leading to the necessity of a replacement. ($$$$)

In between updating our Facebook page, shooting photos of our current projects, and flitting around the office as our resident social butterfly, I frequently find myself spending time within our workrooms just admiring the way in which our expert craftsmen operate on a day to day basis. I watch and revel as they take immense pride in their expertise, begging for the opportunity to instill some sort of upholstery-related knowledge into my head - just so I'll be able to comprehend the magnitude of their abilities. I watch as my boss oversees his employees producing the quality of work that lines up with his specific ideals. It is not unlike the captain of a family owned deep sea fishing company watching his son manning the helm successfully for the first time during a violent, raging storm. That emotion- pride, humility, joy- translates well for the way in which our founder, Tony, watches over his hired craftsmen, simply because the quality of their work has earned his undivided, unwavering respect. 

The parallel of respect can be drawn in that Tony allows his men to restore epically important personal projects for him, such as the couch we are currently speaking of. It is a sofa that has maintained its integrity through the years simply because of its strong foundation. It is a rarity that boasts its worth to restore and pay a potential premium for said restoration, rather than purchasing a cheaper equivalent. 

When this piece came to us, we could tell that at some point along the line, someone had recovered it and replaced the back cushions with ill-fitting, stiff replacements. This couch, originally, was intended to cause an inevitable snooze by its cushioned, comfortable bottom and back cushions. You can see in the photo above that whoever restored this sofa before it landed in our workroom constructed the cushions in such a way that they failed to span the entire length of the sofa . Thankfully, though, our craftsmen constructed new cushions and replaced the fabric, offering this sofa a chance to beautify any sitting room once again. 

We, clearly, are a fan of great, thorough construction. And we favor pieces that evoke the passion that reminds us of why we entered this business in the first place. Though this couch may not look like the home decor goddess that we're accusing her of being, to us - she is a beacon of importance.