It seems to be the norm for veterans to respectfully decline a detailed description of their experience in the service. But we're glad to have heard even a portion of the stories of our very own Kenneth and Tony! 

Kenneth (left) honorably served in the Navy and comes from a family of 6 boys, all veterans, all returned home safely. They fought in wars from WW2 to Korea to Vietnam. He was stationed in the 7th Fleet on the USS Windham County in 1960. We are so thankful for Kenneth at Kings not only for his flawless upholstery work, but for his dutiful willingness to serve our country with the Navy. We find it invaluably important to recognize Kenneth's achievements in the Navy today and everyday!

Tony (right) served the US in Vietnam for 2 dedicated years. He told us that he was reluctant to be drafted into the Army at first, but in hindsight, he is very glad to have served our country, and takes pride in having done so. He was 19 when he was drafted and had never been out of Middle Tennessee in his life. He "didn't know nothin' about nothin'!" Needless to say, he definitely experienced some sort of culture shock in Vietnam. He revealed to us that 2 of his best school buddies passed away while in Vietnam, and we find it important to honor them, their willingness to serve, and their memories today as well. 

We couldn't be more humbled by, thankful for, and proud of our veterans here at Kings. Today, we honor the men and women who give and have given their time, energy, and lives to serve the United States of America so boldly and willingly.