The Hall House

It's not often that we install window treatments to almost the whole of an entire house, but here you can see we did just that! These drapes were designed by Whitley and Co. Interior Design and hand-sewn by our wonderful seamstresses at Kings Interiors. 


Thankfully, we were able to put the finishing touches on this simple breakfast room! There's just something about a set of drapes that offers a room completion and comfort!


We were, and are still, in LOVE with these living room drapes! It's wonderful to see how much life they brought to this room! 


We're fairly convinced that chevron will NEVER go out of style. And Mrs. Hall, the happy homeowner, completely and boldly agrees! This chevron pattern adds a modern, playful vibe to this dining room, and we believe it was definitely the right choice!


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're thankful for clients like Whitley and Co! We're proud to partner with them in offering their wonderful residential clients top-notch, custom window treatments. We couldn't be more happy with how these particular window treatments turned out and thankfully, the homeowner agrees!