Custom Commercial Furniture

Kings Commercial Interiors specializes in creating entirely custom hospitality furniture that cohesively serves both function and form. Collaborating with clients to make designs come to life, we produce unique pieces that are integral to your overall concept and that evoke a real sense of individuality for your space.

Chairs and Barstools

Dining chairs can be considered an extension of your design by adding visual interest while maintaining functionality and building community. An armchair’s versatility can encourage your guests to linger over conversation or provide a space for an impromptu business meeting. Finally, let your barstools bring people together and invite conversation.

Completely customizable from the upholstery to the wood or metal finishes, set an ultra-unique tone by designing custom seating for your space.


Go beyond standard sizes and finishes, incorporate custom tables along with your other pieces to create a space unlike any other.


Sofas invite conversation and relaxation but are also an extension of the other design elements. By incorporating custom sofas into your design you have control over every element, creating a space that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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