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Noelle opened its doors in December of 2017. That means exactly two years ago, we were hard at work along with 55 other designers and artists putting together what you see when you walk through the front doors today. The project was a feat not only of restoring the building to match its original elegance and beauty, but of pushing the boundaries of custom hotel furniture in Nashville. The result was worth all the hard work. From the simple elegance of the rooms, to the impressive majesty of the Trade Room, to the tasteful touches in the restaurant, the project came together beautifully on all aspects.

On the cusp of their second anniversary, we thought we’d look back at what a special project this was.

Noel Hotel

The structure was built in 1929 and 1930. It was originally named the Noel Hotel after the Noel family who owned the property on which it was built. The building went on to take many different forms as it changed hands throughout the years—bank, office building. It changed hands for a final time in 2013 when the investment firm Rockbridge bought the building with the goal of returning it to its original purpose: A luxury hotel.

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Noelle opened for business just before the end of 2017. The corner of 4th and Church was bustling with energy and a new luxury hotel was welcomed warmly. Close proximity to the Ryman Auditorium, Broadway, and the Bridgestone Arena quickly made it a perfect destination for tourists.

Bustling office buildings surround Noelle. Soon, employees of these offices found the restaurant in the basement of Noelle called Makeready Libations & Liberation. Early risers began starting their day with a coffee and pastry from Drug Store Coffee, located just off the lobby of the hotel. Nightowls frequented the bar in the Trade Room, and more adventurous souls found the secret bar near the restaurant. A third bar called Rare Bird opened on the roof in 2018 and quickly became a coveted destination for its specialized menu and great views of the city.


The design of the hotel is a mix of old world charm and contemporary elegance. A step inside the front door might lead some to believe they’ve gone back in time. Key hooks hang behind the front desk off to the left. Original stone walls encircle the area. But the devil is in the details here, and there certainly are many details. A secretive map runs along the floor, where a gold band bisects the white tile to lead you either to the front desk, the coffee shop, or the Trade Room. This gold ribbon is a theme continued throughout the hotel and accents many of the features.

The furniture in the Trade Room is as elegant as it is comfortable. Restored terrazzo flooring is juxtaposed with modern accents to give a surreal feeling of existing both in the past and present at the same time. Original brass fixtures and Tennessee granite walls harken back to the original operation in the 1930’s.


The hotel opened to great anticipation. Local press coverage followed the opening but national publications soon picked up the buzz. Everyone from the New York Times to the Telegraph recognized the singular beauty of the space.

The Kings Commercial Interiors Difference

The restaurant is a wonderful place to either settle in for a cozy and delicious dinner or wake up with a decadent breakfast. You can find our contribution along the eastern wall and into the corner toward the kitchen. Our banquette runs the length of this corner to provide ample seating that is as attractive as it is comfortable. Covered in caramel leather, these seats are among the most comfortable spaces available in the restaurant.

Those lucky enough to stumble upon the hidden bar will find high, tufted back booths of our design. This cozy space is mostly open which allows patrons the opportunity to mingle as they take in the beautiful space. Our booths add a hint of privacy while also providing the perfect space to enjoy a drink and a conversation.

Noelle is a great addition to the wonderful offerings of downtown Nashville. We are still excited after two years to have been able to contribute custom hotel furniture to the space. Be sure to check it out next time you’re making your way along historic Printer’s Alley. We love interior design of all forms and are honored to be able to contribute to such a wonderful project.

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