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Cool Springs has been a cultural center for decades. Known for its shopping centers, luxury hotels, business centers, restaurants and more—Cool Springs is where to go if you’re looking for something interesting. It’s located mostly in Franklin, TN, with a touch of the area bleeding into Brentwood.

The main roads that border Cool Springs boast high volumes of traffic. In fact, the roads are said to support more than 20,000 cars every day. And with this much traffic comes a high demand for various services. Competition for restaurants is particularly high in the area. More than 200 of them operate within Cool Springs.

The Rutledge opened their doors in March of 2019. Their focus on quality both in their offerings and their presentation quickly grew local acclaim. Kings Commercial Interiors is proud to have helped The Rutledge bring their vision to life by contributing to their interior design and seating elements.

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The Brothers Revelette

Curt and Mason Revelette are the team behind The Rutledge. Although they’ve had their hands in many businesses over the years, they got their start in the restaurant industry when they took over the reins for Jonthan’s Grille in 2010. Their parents first opened the doors in 1999, but Curt and Mason have put their stamp on the business since taking it over.

They’ve since grown Jonathan’s Grille to seven locations around the Nashville area. They can be found in Spring Hill, Germantown, Cool Springs, Mt. Juliet, Belleview, Murfreesboro, and Hendersonville.

Jonthan’s Grille grew to become a very successful upscale sports bar. In fact, it was named one of the “Best 101 Sports Bars” by CNN.

With Jonathan’s Grille flourishing, the Revelette brothers started looking for the next step. They decided to push their high standards for quality and service even further. This goal eventually became The Rutledge.

The Rutledge

The project was originally planned to open in a condo development in the SoBro neighborhood, downtown Nashville. However, things don’t always work out how they are planned. The CityLights condo would not turn out to be the host of the Revelette brothers’ new location, instead deciding to move the concept to Cool Springs.

With a Jonathan’s Grille location in the area, the Revelette brothers felt they knew the market around Cool Springs much better. They also wanted to bring a downtown-style atmosphere to an area that hadn’t at the time had many options for such an experience.

The Rutledge describes itself as a “Modern American Grill,” but their menu extends a little beyond what you might find at a standard American-style restaurant. Of course, they offer a delicious cheeseburger. But they also extend their efforts to sushi, steaks, salads, and of course sides and desserts.

The restaurant has been gathering favorable reviews ever since their opening. Customers appreciate the casual, yet upscale atmosphere of the location. The food itself has garnered plenty of local acclaim as well.

But the most immediately noticeable aspect of the restaurant is what greets you as soon as you walk in the door—the design. The interior is cool, chic, and clean. It sets you up for an enjoyable experience even before the host has a chance to greet you.

The Design

Everything from the plating of the meals to the positioning of the art is intentional. There is a goal for the mood of the experience and all aspects work together to convey it. Kings Commercial Interior was excited to help the Revelettes accomplish this goal.

We worked directly with the Revelettes to provide custom products that fit the space perfectly. We came up with some beautiful casework that is displayed throughout the restaurant’s seating area.

There are various styles of seating throughout the restaurant that provide unique experiences while remaining cohesive in feel. The straight and curved booths allow a cozy yet formal atmosphere for groups to enjoy a meal together. Polished chrome chairs surround solid surface tables give you the ability to comfortably sit back and enjoy good company and good food.

Metal base bar stools are perfect for enjoying a superb craft cocktail or one of their many wines served by the glass. We even helped with LED lighting that both helps you find your way while also contributing to the elegant aura of the restaurant.

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